More About Cached (read: “cashed”)

Cached was started in 2020 by Matthew Sage after retiring his Patient Sounds imprint.

The mission of Cached is similar to Patient Sounds’ but focuses primarily on intermedia collaboration as a mode of making/publishing.


Yes. Intermedia. To Cached this means “across medias.” Though operating primarily as a “record label” and “book publisher” Cached is interested in fostering a place for collaborating artists to explore creating artworks that can exist across several mediums: a book that is a sculpture, an album that is a film, a poem that is a painting, an email that is a performance, a broadcast that is a novel, etc.

Cached is a collaboration-centric platform:

The releases in this catalog are made by inviting artists to choose collaborators or to collaborate directly with Cached. Any objects attributed to a single artist are made in collaboration with Cached.

Cached does not accept demo submissions. Thank you for reading this:

Cached is focused on hand-selecting artists and their collaborators in a gallery-centric curatorial process.

Cached is not accepting unsolicited creative materials in any medium. Given the collaborative nature of Cached’s curatorial platform, unsolicited demos will not be listened to. If you submit a demo you will not receive an email back or feedback about the work. 

There are myriad labels that accept demo submissions for both solo and group/ensemble musical projects and Cached urges you to explore those options instead of emailing us your demo(s).

Thanks for understanding.

To contact Cached please email Matthew Sage here:
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