100% Cotton Natural Comfort Colors Pocket T
Back illustration by Liam Cobb in Reykjavik
Pocket Illustration and Type by M. Sage
Printing by Todd Irwin at Bitmap Press in Chicago

A commemorative T-shirt celebrating M. Sage’s residency at the Paradise Crick Amphitheater in 2023. 3 color print on the back depicts the artist performing live music at “The Frog.” The beloved live music space at Paradise Crick is carefully and accurately rendered by illustrator Liam Cobb. Printed by Todd Irwin at Bitmap Press on high quality comfort colors shirts made with natural cotton. Put your granola bar in your pocket and come get silly at the lily pad with us.


Metallic print on Forest Green Plastic
Brass hardware
Design and Illustration by M. Sage

A two sided commemorative keychain. Metallic imprinting commemoraiting the opening of Paradise Crick and a warning to all visitors that skinnydipping is welcome, but that the park is not liable for any incidents that could occur in the Crick’s cold waters. The keychain looks lovely dangling from your pack or lanyard.


T-shirt and Keychain

Collect both keepsakes to celebrate your recent visit to Paradise Crick at one low price! 


12x18 cotton rag paper
Illustration by Liam Cobb in Reykjavik
3 color silkscreen print by Todd Irwin at Bitmap Press in Chicago

A 3 color print depicting M. Sage performing during his residency at the Paradise Crick Amphitheater in 2023. A highly collectable poster. M. Sage will sign the back on all posters!!! Shipped flat (and seperate from orders including soft merch like shirts!).


RIDING FENCES - cassette by Sage Martens

yellow cassette w/ blue imprint
pink and clear norelco box
two-color risograph jcard
download code

a title released by Edições CN 

Lieven Martens (Dolphins into the Future) and Matthew Sage (M. Sage, Fuubutsushi) come together on this cassette to tamper with Western tropes. Released in a beautiful edition with risograph jcard by  Martens’ own Edições CN, known for distributing sound works that function loosely as travelogues, field recording adventures, and abstract/deconstructed classical music. In equal ranch hands bizarre and beautiful, reverant and tongue-in-cheek, this album plays with and pokes at ideas of whatever Wild West is to two gents curious about sound’s power to transport.

From Boomkat:
Martens' field recording practices have often led him to consider the relationship between man and the natural world, and here it's even more focused, juxtaposed with windswept Americana guitar riffs and lonesome muted piano. The most obvious comparison might be Eno collaborator Daniel Lanois, who experimented with ambient Americana on albums like 2005's stunning "Belladonna". But Sage and Martens don't imbue their compositions with grandeur or self-satisfied aesthetic fetishism, they use each sound as a cautious warning about the implications of the Western and "Western Living" in general. It's a sobering approach that leaves a bitter aftertaste.

REGATTA T - shirt by M. Sage

longsleeve 100% cotton t-shirt
red and blue screen print on chest and sleeves

A shirt made to coincide with “The Wind of Things” released by Geographic North. The graphic depicts a three-mark sailing race abstraction. Design by Matthew Sage. Script text by Stefan Kjartansson as seen on the album’s cover.

Price includes US shipping

ASTROLABE EP - Cassette by M. Sage

Clear cassette w/ gold imprint (program repeats on flip)
Full color O-Card
Full color J-Card
Black Norelco Case

a title released by Noumenal Loom

The O-card sleeve on these remaining copies is VERY tight.

A 20-some minute expedition through a swirling collage of dissected synthesizer sketches. Approximating finding flower fields by stargazing. Highly potent and packed with moments, deluges, comets, and buds, this sequence of manicured improvisation is as much an early computer as it is a futuristic blossom.  

These are the very last artist copies of this title!

Price includes US shipping