Cached releases intermedia print objects. This includes but is not limited to books, art prints, sculptural objects, bumperstickers, pins, plastic flies, and more. All in stock print items are featured in the shop.


LISTING - garment capsule - ep. 1 - FALL 2022

11.5” x 11.5” screen print
goldenrod sweatshirt w/ charcoal print (varying sizes)
black tee w/ goldenrod print (varying sizes)
green tee w/ white print (varying sizes)
green heavy weight cotton tote w/ white print

An episode of a speculative ongoing series. A collection of garments designed by Matthew Sage and released by Cached. An invitation to be listed as a song that is a map that is a booklet that is a film that is a painting that is a poem that is a sculpture that is a lake that is a drawing that is a garden that is a photograph that is a performance that is a schematic that is still a song.

A poem but also an advertisement. An intermedia speculation.

Crewneck is golden gildan heavy weight with charcoal print

Tees are gildan heavy weight with goldenrod and/or white print

Tote is heavy kelly green cotton canvas with with white print

KEEP HONKING (aleatoric music) - bumper sticker by Prymek & Sage

11.5”x3” vinyl bumpersticker

A confirmation to the rest of the world that there is music to be heard anywhere, and an invitation for anyone paying attention to take a solo. Cached is 100% responsible for any and all transcedent aleatoric combinations that result from the world interacting with this sticker. A collaborative physical aphorism by Prymek & Sage