Natural Flavors is Charles Lander, Charlie Russell and Grainger Weston. Loosely arranged around keyboards, pianos, guitars, and synthesizers, this group gracefully balances on the wires between pastoral ambient new age and improvised new music jazz. With improvisation at the core of their approach, these players and these songs river and stream across one another sympathetically; they show a respectful awareness towards one another. The air sweet, the light piquant, the landscape savory; the collection is a proprioceptive sojourn where listeners are shuttled, not out of their bodies, but through them, into them, around them. After all, our meat is a generous terrain rippling with restrained electricity and sonorous melody. Ribs positioned elegantly along a fault line where a brainy butte juts up from a deciduous forest, where a guts lake lies buried under a craggy escarpment, where a leggy desert drifts off from the dry edges of a grass plain, these songs are a body and a compelling landscapes that invite roaming.