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LISTING - garment capsule - ep. 1 - FALL 2022

11.5” x 11.5” screen print
goldenrod sweatshirt w/ charcoal print (varying sizes)
black tee w/ goldenrod print (varying sizes)
green tee w/ white print (varying sizes)
green heavy weight cotton tote w/ white print

An episode of a speculative ongoing series. A collection of garments designed by Matthew Sage and released by Cached. An invitation to be listed as a song that is a map that is a booklet that is a film that is a painting that is a poem that is a sculpture that is a lake that is a drawing that is a garden that is a photograph that is a performance that is a schematic that is still a song.

A poem but also an advertisement. An intermedia speculation.

Crewneck is golden gildan heavy weight with charcoal print

Tees are gildan heavy weight with goldenrod and/or white print

Tote is heavy kelly green cotton canvas with with white print