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Radial by Glassine & Sam Haberman

Compact Disc released November 2022
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Sam Haberman plays drums in the critically acclaimed group Horse Lords. Glassine is the name under which Danny Greenwald makes musical work (like “No Stairway” the cassette he made with Patient Sounds where all his sound sources were collected at Guitar Centers). Radial is a warm shared space created by these two artists; these 8 songs feel more like motifs or notions than “songs.” This is to say, their structure isn’t classical, but rather profoundly human. Melodies and timbres emerge from silence and exude an embracing depth and curiosity. Haberman captured field recordings from his life, often at different playgrounds with his 3-year-old son.  He also recorded sounds from his basement on a cassette tape machine – his process as much about learning how to operate the machine as the actual act of recording. He then gave those recordings to Glassine to sample, arrange, weave, and treat. The artists collaborated and layered further in the studio together. The resulting music is textural, patient, tender, playful, at times quiet, but often spacious and hospitable. There is an autobiographical quality to the work that, without requiring explanation, feels earnest and diaristic. This is music as simple kindness and play that rewards with a genuine and enveloping sweetness that radiates outward in growing circles.

Recorded in Baltimore and Chicago between 2020-2022

Sam Haberman: field recordings, percussion, pez dispenser,
logs and trees, grocery store items, playground instruments

Danny Greenwald: production, processing, field recordings,
percussion, pez dispenser, synthesizers, cello, piano

*field recording by Rebekah Kirkman
**Additional recording by Chris Freeland

Audio Mastering by Matthew Sage
Art by Taha Heydari

Thanks to Melissa, Rory, Luca, Rebekah, Tim, Taha, Chris
Special thanks to Matt for his vision, patience, and friendship

In loving memory of Peter Ivester