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Tilth is the duo of Cody Yantis (c melody saxophone) and Nathan McLaughlin (sampler, modular synth, guitar). Straddling the canyons of new music, temperate free jazz, ambient electronic, and new age, Tilth has created their own distinctive sound. There is a persistence and reverence in these compositions that is embedded into both the playership and the deconstruction at the core of this duo’s work; a kind of “one must destroy to rebuild” sensibility. Fragments of melody and texture are garbled, slivered, refracted, and vaporized by McLaughlin’s electronic mechanisms; Yantis’ horn becomes an ululating mystic voice lost in the digital thickets. This is a kind of folk music, and in its own way a digital folklore. For centuries artists have been responding to Nature through creative production, and here two artists use their tools and imaginations to create an echo of the world that is, however strange, the world itself renewing.