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The collective art practice of Gretchen Korsmo and Andrew Weathers is dubbed “Wind Tide.” Wind Tide isn’t a band, it isn’t a studio and practice space (located in Littlefield, Texas), it is all of these things and perhaps more. A container for the duo to neatly collect their collaborative curiosities. On “Sings” they invited voices (both their own and others) into their primordial sound structures. Echoing their artistic practices, collage and reuse of scrap materials heralds a slightly damaged quality into their work, but that damage is championed as experience. Patina as a sign of any object's exposure to wisdom. And through intervention, new interactions with these worn things create a glittering nowness. There is a brightness to these songs, a radiant reflection catching light. Contact mic slurping, fluttering piano phrases, woozy guitar drawls, and electronic textures swirl into an alchemical choir, a bed of moss for things to pool in. Spoken and sung language from guest collaborators acts as means to supplant narrative, opera, hymn, poetry and babble into these charming and strange works/worlds/words.