Music for Dogs is a duo composed of Gianni Andreatta and Cashin McCann. On Spoor, created remotely and partially through discord video sessions and during live streams, they move fluidly and almost indistinguishably between instruments and across styles, playing with woodwinds and brass just as playfully as they do with electronics and programming. There is a sense of companionship at the heart of this music; music that is meant to keep you (or a canine friend) trusty company. Music that feels familiar, but also a little strange in how it goes about being itself. Patiently attentive to being near you but daydreaming to pass the time. Like a dog who contentedly stares out of the gap in the curtains for hours as the geese pass overhead and joggers dawdle by.

Peppering minimal drum programming against jittery electronics and floating electroacoustic textures serves as a loose framework for Andreatta and McCann to flutter around with jazz-influenced solos and bubbly electronic notions shrouded in a foggy magnetic tape haze. This album feels like a dog park full of shaggy kindly strangers. Or a puddle of mushroom phalanges as they crawl across the shaded corners of a public grove on a soft breeze. A kind of genuine and worn warmth, a musty verisimilitude, a beatific kindness, a mysterious friendliness.

What we have here is a mutt; a beloved rescue dog of indeterminate origin that, despite being a little weird looking, only loves unconditionally and is curiously endearing.

Gianni Andreatta - trumpet, clarinet, electronics

Cashin McCann - bass clarinet, clarinet, piano, electronics

Visual elements by Music for Dogs and Matthew Sage